Mountain View Elementary

Seventh-day Adventist Christian School


School Bible Verse

   Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these - Matthew 19:14, NIV

Mission Statement

    To discover and strengthen the skill and passion in students to become life-long learners and witnesses for Christ.


   Mountain View Elementary is a private Seventh-day Adventist Christian school.  We provide a well-rounded Christian education in a spiritual environment that develops and perfects their God-given skills and talents.  We firmly believe that what Ellen White says in Education still applies to our school today:
Education is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers.  Every human being, created in the image of God, is endowed with a power like that of the Creator:  individuality, power to think, and to do… It is the work of true education to develop this power, to train the youth to be thinkers and not mere reflectors of other men’s thoughts.  True education enables our youth to develop and possess breadth of mind, clearness of thought, and the courage of their convictions. (Education, 17)
   At Mountain View Elementary, dedicated teachers will work to encourage students and instill in them a lifelong love of learning.  The students will be pointed toward Jesus Christ as the Master Teacher and their true model.  Students will develop respect for themselves and others and find ways to strengthen their relationships with God and those around them.

Admission Policy

   Mountain View Elementary admits students of any race to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at its schools, and makes no discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnic background, country of origin or sex in administration of education policies, applications for admission, scholarship or loan programs, and extracurricular programs. If a child needs assistance because of special education needs or learning disabilities, his/her parents may inquire of the teacher, principal, and/or school board to see what arrangements can be made. Montana State law requires that students be age 5 by September 10 of that school year to enter Kindergarten and age 6 by September 10 of that school year to enter first grade. 
   All students entering Mountain View Elementary must fill out the necessary registration papers and receive school board approval. More information, interviews, and/or letters of recommendation may be requested by the school board before approval is obtained. If approval by the school board is not given, all but $25 of the entrance fee will be refunded. If a family chooses not to enroll after submitting the application and entrance fee, no part of the fee will be refunded except under board consideration due to extenuating circumstances.
   Parents wishing to enroll their child must complete the following:

  • Application for Admission
  • Financial Clearance
  • Immunization Records
  • Birth Certificate
  • Physical Exam:  new students, 4th grade, 7th grade (must be completed in last nine months or by October 1)
  • References (3):  new students
  • Transfer Request:  new students

   Parents wishing to withdraw their child must complete a withdrawal form before the school can issue report cards or refunds if due.  Also, school charges will continue accruing until the form is filed.


Attendance Policy

   School begins at 8:00 am and dismisses at 3:15 pm on Monday thru Thursday. We have early dismissal on Friday at 12:00 noon. Students may begin arriving at 7:45 am and should be picked up no later than 3:30 pm unless other arrangements are made with the teacher. Students may only be picked up by those on the approved list or those given written permission signed by the parent. 
   Regular attendance at school is critical to the success of the student. Attendance records are maintained and serve as a legal document. Excused absences include student illness (fever, communicable disease, vomiting, etc.), death in the family, and doctor or dentist appointments. Appointments should be made outside of school hours, but when absolutely necessary, exceptions can be made. School outings are part of the regular school program and must be treated as school days by both the parents and the teachers. 
  Absences should be arranged with the teacher ahead of time so they may be excused. When a student receives an unexcused absence, they may not be permitted to complete the missing work. This will affect their grades. Arranging absences before-hand can help prevent this from occurring. 
   In case of inclement weather, our school may be closed. If Target Range Elementary School is closed, we will be closed as well. Parents will be notified by phone if our school is to be closed or in case of emergency

Calendar and Newsletter

   A school calendar will be given to each family at the beginning of the school year. Dates on this calendar have been approved by the school board. Any changes to this calendar (including additions) will be passed by the school board. Parents will be notified of any changes. 
  Students will receive a newsletter each week. This note home will include upcoming events, dates and other items of interest to parents. It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to read the newsletter.

Classroom Citizenship

   Rules specific to the classroom will be made at the teacher’s discretion with the support of the school board. Being a member of the classroom may include helping to clean up the room at the end of each day or week with duties such as emptying trash, vacuuming, and others. Students will need to keep their areas neat, clean, and orderly. They are expected to keep their areas organized in such a way they may work productively and without distraction.  
   Extra “toys”, including electronics, do not need to be at school and may be confiscated. Cell phones are permitted but must remain turned off unless the teacher has given specific permission for their use. The school does not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any items that are brought on campus. The school staff reserves the right to inspect desks, backpacks, notebooks, lockers, and other possessions at any time without advance notice.

Code of Conduct

   Mountain View Elementary expects children to develop respect for self, others, and especially God. This means that students and parents must all cooperate with the teacher and the school board concerning all rules and regulations. Rules stated publicly or printed elsewhere by the teacher and/or school board shall be as binding as those found in this handbook.
   In an effort to be consistent and effective, the following guidelines will be followed whenever possible for applicable situations. All disciplinary measures taken at Mountain View Elementary will be as consistent, loving, positive, and fair as possible. 
   For minor infractions (such as distracting others, excessive talking, rudeness, etc.):

  • Warning:  Student will receive at least one verbal warning
  • Time-out:  Student will spend some time “out”
  • In-School Suspension:  Student will be separated from the others and parents are notified.
  • Suspension:  Student will be sent home until school board has decided on necessary action.

   Major infractions including but not limited to physical conflict, possession of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons, extreme dishonesty, and other serious offenses may result in immediate in-school suspension or suspension.  The school board may dismiss a student whose conduct or attitude is deemed unsatisfactory, detrimental to others, or in contradiction to the standards and principles of the school.

Computer Use

   All students are asked to take time with their parents to openly discuss, understand, and commit to the following guidelines for acceptable use of technology resources at school. 

  • Uphold the Christian standards of our school when I use any electronic equipment.
  • Use computers, keyboards, printers, and digital cameras only with the supervision and permission of an adult.
  • Use all equipment and networks carefully and appropriately to avoid any damage or change to the computer system of its software.
  • Do not change, delete, add to, or download any software.
  • Respect others and agree not to open, copy, change, delete, or damage files or folders that are not mine. 
  • Keep my password and login name private and will only use my own accounts. 
  • Never give out personal information over the internet.
  • Only use permitted areas of the Internet. My parents and my teacher need to know what I’m doing online at all times. 
  • Be respectful of others in the way I use the Internet and computer.
  • Understand that the use of computers and other technology tools is a privilege that comes with specific responsibilities. 

   Violations of acceptable use outside of school hours can negatively affect the school and its community. As a result, violations of the above guidelines outside of school that come to the attention of Mountain View Elementary may be treated in a disciplinary manner by the school.



   Mountain View Elementary takes pride in providing children with an intimately Christ-centered educational experience. By implementing a curriculum rooted in a strong spiritual commitment with a strong base that meets or exceeds state and national standards, we believe that students will discover an enthusiasm for Christ and learning that will prepare them to be an important part of our society.

   Each subject throughout the school day has a Christian perspective. Our commitment is to teach these subjects in a manner that continually glorifies God, while developing necessary and useful skills and practices.

Dress Code

   The dress code at Mountain View Elementary is simple and reflects our belief that we are dwelling places for the Holy Spirit.  Dress that is neatmodest, and clean will represent our school and demonstrate our respect for ourselves, others, and God.
   Standards include:

  • Shoes with closed toes and closed heels. 
  • No hats or hoods worn inside the building.
  • Dresses and skirts may be worn only with shorts/leggings underneath.
  • Make-up must be natural.
  • No jewelry (medical tags are allowed)
  • Tank tops are not allowed.

   Clothing must be modest and appropriate for the occasion. Clothes and/or swimsuits that are too revealing or immodest will need to be changed as soon as possible and not worn for school functions again. The staff of Mountain View Elementary reserves the right to make interpretations and decisions relating to student dress.

Field Trips

   Field trips may be in the calendar and/or planned throughout the school year. Field trips are days of school and students will need to be present and participating in them. Parents and other volunteers who wish to join the school must make sufficient arrangements with the school in advance, including being approved as a volunteer. 


Financial Information

 Mountain View Elementary operates solely on student fees and on subsidies from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Families requiring financial aid should fill out a Tuition Assistance Application for the Tuition Assistance Committee. 


    Costs throughout the year may include but are not limited to:

  • Entrance Fee  ($200)
  • Monthly Tuition: $250 
  • Physical Education: $200 (covers swimming, skating, skiing, etc.)
  • Ski the Summit: approximately $130 (optional, grades 7-8) 
  • Hot Lunch: $2.50 each lunch (optional)


  Families can bill their tuition using the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan. There will be ten automatic monthly payments which start in September and may be processed on the 5th or 20th of each month. There is a one-time charge per family for using this option that will be withdrawn automatically in September separate from the tuition payment. Through FACTS automatic bank payments will be authorized for your monthly tuition bill. Please be assured that neither FACTS nor the school will have direct access to or any knowledge about the status of your bank account. 


   The other payment option for families is to make full payment of tuition for the school year by September 1. This payment should be made directly to the school treasurer.


   Mountain View Elementary has adopted the following financial policies:

  • Accounts must be paid through one of the two options listed above.
  • The previous year’s account must be settled before the student will be re-admitted.
  • If an account becomes delinquent (two months behind), satisfactory financial arrangements must be made with the school board through the treasurer in order for the student to continue school.
  • Students enrolling after August 31 must have financial clearance before they may begin attending school.
  • Students who withdraw must pay all outstanding accounts.  School records and transcripts will be released only when the school account is paid in full.  Accounts will continue to accrue until the withdrawal form is signed.  A tuition refund will be made on a prorated basis when applicable.


Goals of Adventist Education

  • Acceptance of God and His Word
  • Commitment to the Church
  • Family and Interpersonal Relationships
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Healthy Balanced Living
  • Intellectual Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Aesthetic Appreciation
  • Career and Service


   Mountain View Elementary is committed to providing a school environment free from harassment for all students. Students should refrain from any physical, racial, or sexual harassment or discrimination by words or actions. Harassment includes such conduct as slurs, jokes, intimidation, or any verbal or physical attack directed at an individual’s race, religion, national origin, age, gender, or physical challenges. 

Head Lice Policy

    The School Board recognizes its responsibility to all students enrolled  at Mountain View Elementary to provide a safe and healthy environment in which they may attend school.  One inhibitor to a healthy environment is the head louse (Pediculus capitis).  Head lice infestations must be addressed in schools if a healthy environment is to be maintained.  Every attempt will be made to educate students and parents on the prevention and eradication of head lice before and after infestation is detected.
    The innocent desire of children to be social and the communicable nature of lice requires preventive measures by the school district and the public health agency to contain infestations.  MVE will work cooperatively with the public health agency to ensure that infestations of head lice are contained and eradicated in the school.
    In the interest of health and welfare of students enrolled at MVE, no student will be permitted to attend classes if they are infested with head lice and/or nits.  Parents or Guardians will be notified by phone when head lice are identified with the obligation of removing the child until successfully treated.
    To avoid embarrassment and to contain the infestation, whole classrooms will be checked for head lice upon the report of possible infestation by a classroom teacher.  The administrator, head teacher, his/her designee, school nurse or another designated professional will examine the child in question and their classmates.  Siblings of students found with lice and their classmates will also be checked if there is suspicion that infestation may exist.
    The student found with head lice is to be kept out of school until he/she is treated and hair is free of lice and nits.  A child may return to school after being successfully treated so that no live lice or nits are detected by the school nurse or a designated school official.  
    Parents or guardians will be informed of lice infestation by a letter that explains the problem, lists the procedures for treatment and requirements for reentering school.  Every attempt will be made to contact parents or guardians immediately upon discovery of head lice.  Parents will be asked to come to school to pick up the student and begin treatment immediately.

Homeschool Student Participation

   Homeschool students who wish to participate in our school activities or a part of our regular school day need to fill out required new student forms and meet with the teacher. A schedule must be in place so the teacher, classroom, and homeschool family can work together successfully. The homeschool family must also make a specific request to the school board to approve the schedule they have worked out with the teacher and to make satisfactory financial arrangements. 



   A brochure outlining the student accident insurance will be distributed at the beginning of each school year. Please refer to this brochure with any questions. An accident report form is available from the school upon request. 


   Our library collection will be built to meet the needs and interests of MVE. Materials are selected to reflect the varying age groups, abilities, and interests of the patrons. All materials to be selected are subjected to the following criteria as they are applicable:

  • Attention of critics, reviewers, and public
  • Availability of funds and space
  • Balance of viewpoints in the collection
  • Comprehensive in scope
  • Cost in relation to the individual title and to the overall collection
  • Current interest and usefulness 
  • High standards of quality in content 
  • Permanent value
  • Relevance to the existing collection
  • SDA values
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the existing collection 

   The library committee is guided in selection of materials by professional book reviews and standard bibliographies. Recommendations from the patrons will be given careful consideration for purchase.

   The library committee will regularly re-consider material and update the MVE library collection. In general, removal will be based on: 

  • Relevance of content 
  • Duplicates of titles no longer popular
  • Usage over time 
  • Condition of material 

   If library material is challenged, the material will temporarily be removed from the shelf giving the library committee time to reevaluate the material using the above criteria. The person who has challenged the material must fill out the Reconsideration Form explaining the reasons for removal from the collection. If the materials are not in line with the selection criteria, they will be removed from the library collection. If the materials are found to be worthy of the collection, they will remain in the collection and the person who challenged the material will be informed by letter the reasons why the materials will remain in the collection.



   Any student who is required to take, during the regular school day, medication prescribed by a physician may be assisted by designated school personnel if the school receives

  • A written statement from the physician detailing the schedules, amount, and method by which such medication is to be taken, 
  • A written statement from the parent or guardian of the student indicating the desire that the school assist the student,
  • The medication be delivered to the school in the original container bearing the pharmacy label containing all necessary information. 


School Board

   Mountain View Elementary is operated on the local level by an elected school board, working under the general direction of Montana Conference. The school board meets monthly and is open for all constituent members and parents to attend, except for when in executive session. Items parents wish to have addressed should be presented to the Chairman at least one week in advance.


Use of Telephone

   The phone should be used for rare situations and occurrences as it can be a distraction to the class. Please make every effort to take care of nonemergency issues outside of school hours. 



   Visitors are welcome at Mountain View Elementary. Everyone, especially parents, are welcome to come participate in or observe the classroom. Please check with the teacher in advance to schedule a mutually convenient time to visit.


   Volunteers are an important part of our school. All volunteers must successfully complete the Shield the Vulnerable training and background check. Volunteer opportunities include tutoring, serving hot lunch, giving worship talks, helping with home and school projects, and more! The school board has asked that parents not tutor in their own child’s classroom. Volunteer drivers and/or vehicle owners need to fill out a Vehicle and Driver Form before the school trip. We will need a copy of the insurance card and driver’s license.