Mountain View Christian School

Seventh-day Adventist Center of Learning

Paying For Christian Education

We believe Christian education is critical to the partnership of your family's
home and the outcomes displayed by our graduates as character-driven,
Christ-like, servant leaders who will make a difference in the world. In fact,
our school establishes a culture of educational partnerships with each and
every parent. A partnership which is a reciprocal arrangement that is
mutually beneficial to each party. The school offers the very best in quality
Christian education in partnership with serious committed families who
value the investment and benefit from the earthly and heavenly outcomes
it is designed to produce for their children. In other words, we wish to
maximize a parent's return on investment.

To be a school of quality, one that offers quality curriculum taught by
quality instructors, in a quality facility with quality tools and resources costs
money. Money is integral to quality, in that quality requires investment in
order to achieve a desired outcome. Funding for Christian education
comes from a variety of sources. First, some funding comes from tuition
paid by parents. Secondly, some funding comes from donors who wish to
support the vision and mission of Christian education. Finally, some money
comes from outside sources such as grants and scholarships. There are
elements of truth in the saying 'You get what you pay for'. There is not
much in life that is free and is quality.

It is our goal that no child is denied a Christian education because of
finances. We believe that an educational fit is the most important objective
in creating an educational partnership for successful outcomes. We
understand that a quality Christian education is funded by a tuition
investment but that it is secondary to the educational fit for each individual
student and family.


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